It allows you to experience mobile-like applications on your computer
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Pokki is a free program that allows you to experience mobile-like applications on your computer. Pokki also enables developers to create and distribute HTML5 apps and games. You can find, organize and launch your favorite apps, sites and files, stay informed with notifications with the latest developments.

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  • Question: I can't update Pokki (from my v. to version, which is recommended by "Software Informer". A dialogue box appears, saying that Pokki is already installed and updated-everything is done. This box does not specify the Pokki version, but I only find the old version on my computer (PC laptop with Windows 8.1)What's wrong?

    Since the Pokki is constantly running as a background application, it's possible you can't update it because the main EXE is in use. Press CTRL + Shift + ESC to bring up the Task Manager, then switch to Processes and locate Pokki.exe in the list. Force close it, then use Software Informer to download the application again and update it as necessary. It should work this time.

    Additionally, you can download the application from the official website as well.

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